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Installation of sanitary bidet systems
Affordable Plumbing Solutions Near You.
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Services that we offers

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Electricity repair and installation

Repairing and installing electrical systems for homes and establishments involves the installation of electrical wiring, switches, outlets, and lighting. It aims to provide a safe and efficient electrical system that meets the needs of the home or establishment. Electrical work requires expertise and technical knowledge to ensure safety and quality in installation and maintenance.

100% plumbing installation

Setting up a home plumbing business involves performing basic plumbing installations in a home such as water and sewer pipes. The process includes laying pipes and installing faucets and sanitary ware. Establishing a home plumbing business aims to provide an efficient and reliable plumbing system that meets the needs of the home in a healthy and sound manner.

Installing bidets

Installing bidets is a simple and useful process to improve your toilet experience. The bidet is installed next to the toilet and is used for personal cleaning after using the toilet. Installing bidets provides added convenience and cleanliness and is a popular choice in many homes and commercial facilities.

Plumbing Services

Plumbing services include maintenance and repair of all plumbing problems in homes and commercial facilities. We repair leaks, clean and clear drains, install and maintain sanitary ware, and install and repair water and sewage systems.

Why you should choose us

ٍSeyana el-Kuwait is a leading company specializing in maintenance, plumbing, and electrical works in Kuwait. We provide specialized and professional services to our clients throughout the country. Our highly qualified and well-trained team takes pride in serving over 3,000 satisfied clients. With over 15 years of experience in the field, we have the necessary expertise to deliver high-quality services in accordance with the highest professional standards. We offer comprehensive maintenance services for residential and commercial properties, including leak repairs, drain cleaning, installation and maintenance of plumbing fixtures, and electrical system installation and repairs. We utilize high-quality materials, equipment, and the latest technologies to ensure excellent performance and durability in our work. Regardless of the project size or complexity, you can rely on Kuwait Maintenance to provide reliable and efficient services. We prioritize meeting the needs of our clients and ensuring their complete satisfaction. Contact us today for reliable and professional maintenance, plumbing, and electrical services in Kuwait. We are here to help you maintain your home or establishment in excellent condition and ensure the safety and comfort of your premises. 

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